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Disability and working with disable persons in Third World countries
19.04.2001      Project structure, work plan, experience of last semesters, groups
                      Dr. Peter M. Sehrbrock
                      Faculty of Education, Oldenburg University, Germany
03.05.2001      Globalization and its political impacts on Third World countries
                      Prof. Dr. Fernando Mires
                      Faculty of Political Sciences, Oldenburg University, Germany
10.05.2001      Globalization and its economic impacts on Third World countries
                      Dr. Pervez Zamurrad Janjua
                      Faculty of Economic and Law Sciences, Oldenburg University, Germany
07.06.2001      Women in Third World
                      Mrs. Ulrike, Mann von Terres des Femmes
21.06.2001      Role of pharmaceutical industry in Third World countries
                      Representative, BUKO Pharma Campaign
05.07.2001      Children in Third World
                      Mr. Frank Mischo, Children Emergency Help
12.07.2001      Evaluation Report, Ideas for Next Semester

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