Dr. Pervez Zamurrad Janjua
Profession:†Professor of Economics
Personal data:
Name: Pervez Zamurrad Janjua
DOB:† 10.05.1955
Place of Birth: Jhelum,Pakistan
Marital status:†Married, 4 children
Dr. Pervez Zamurrad Janjua, Profesor of Economics, has joined IIUI as a Foreign Professor in the International Institute of Islamic Economics. He is an Approved PhD Supervisor of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.
He did B.A. from Punjab University Lahore and worked as a banker in the United Bank Limited of Pakistan.

Dr. Janjua obtained the degrees of M.Sc./M.Phil./Doctor in Economic Sciences from Oldenburg University Germany. Since 1997 he was engaged in teaching and research in the faculties of social and economic sciences of said university.

His area of specialization is Theory and Policy of Economic Development. Other areas of interest include International Economic Relations, Globalization as well as Banking and Finance.

Dr. Janjua has supervised numerous presentations, term papers and theses of graduate students. He has published a number of books including The Foreign Indebtedness of Pakistan, 1997 and The Glimpses in the Religion of Islam, 2002.

Dr. Janjua was thoroughly engaged in the social and intercultural activities in Germany. He delivered various lectures and speeches on intercultural integration with reference to Islam.

He has been a member of Pakistan Society of Development Economists (PSDE), Foreign Studentís Union of Oldenburg University (HGAS), Pakistan-German Friendship Association (PGZ), Education and Science Union (GEW) and Federal Association of Interpreters & Translators (BDU). He was a founding member and chairman of Islamic Cultural Union Oldenburg (IKO).

Under the auspices of International Institute of Islamic Economics Dr. Janjua wishes to upgrade the level of education in the area of Development and Policy Studies. He is determined to achieve this objective through a multi-dimensional approach including international scientific cooperation particularly between Germany and Pakistan

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